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Discover the 3 GAME Changing Leadership and Marketing STRATEGIES

for Entrepreneurs whose heart is fully in their business and
who value and want to grow their business savvy!


Stand strong and Clear In Your Brand
Communicate Effectively Who You Are and What You Do
Get More of the “Right Clients” &
Make More Money Remaining Sane and Healthy

“Heart Empowered Leadership, Business Coaching and Training”


Programs for entrepreneurs who choose to transform themselves in challenging times by turning breakdowns into breakthroughs, embrace change, both in business and life,tap into their authentic power, lead from their heart and build a sustainable business that reflects who they are and what they deeply believe in.


Hello and welcome!


Every part of our life, including choices we make, relationships we create, events we go through and actions we take, offers us a choice: either to deepen our relationship to ourselves, others and our life by shedding the layers of inauthenticity and move closer to authentic power and leadership, or to repeat the same patterns of behaviors that have held us back and cause us to break down.


Owning and growing a business will challenge you to the core, especially if your business is near and dear to your heart. It will force you to look at patterns and places where you get stuck inside yourself, both in business and life, and call you to transform old habits into new ones. In other words turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.


When we choose to take responsibility for the breakdowns that occur in our life and/or business, we give ourselves a chance to step into authentic leadership and align both our life and our business with who we truly are. We get to claim our own voice which then translates into an authentic marketing message, steer us towards the ‘right’ clients, find more fulfillment, make money with a greater sense of ease and gain peace of mind no matter what the results.



Is this you?


    • You’ve hit a “breakdown place” in your life/business. You are ready to look deeper and want to align what you do with who you truly are.


    • You are a ‘heart centered’ entrepreneur, someone deeply passionate about “right livelihood” wanting to make money while making the world a better place.


  • Marketing yourself and your services/products feels like a burden.
    You find it challenging to ‘put yourself out there’. You feel overwhelmed and lack clarity about where to begin.You want to get consistent clients and cash while feeling authentic.


    I know what it is like!


    In 2010 I was burnt out from trying to be all things to all people, and four years later had to deal with breast cancer. I learned from personal experience of the short and long-term effects stress has on my health, income and my life before I got the message! I have since become very determined to help other entrepreneurs avoid the same fate!


    When your business involves making a difference in people’s lives, your work goes far beyond the need to collect a paycheck! You are passionate about what you do and are determined to make it happen. You work tirelessly at times without getting results. Because this business is so close to who you are, you can be your own worst enemy. Because it is so personal you give it everything you have. And when you ‘hit the wall’ because you wear all the ‘hats’, i.e. sales and marketing, operations, human resources, financial, product/service development etc., you can’t let go!


    Exhaustion, lack of clarity and focus, self-doubts, pressure to respond to multiple demands and the need to wear all the hats take a toll on you! You lose perspective and can’t see the forest for the trees.




If you answered YES to any of these questions
You are ready for a “Heart Empowered” Leadership and Business Breakthrough!

Here is the road map!


1) REGAIN PERSPECTIVE & BALANCE by turning breakdowns into breakthroughs


If life has thrown you a curve ball, i.e. you are not getting the results you want or you are hitting a major life/health/business crisis, the time has come to stop and reassess the situation and regain balance.
Challenges,small or big, are there for a reason.
When we try to ‘skip’ over them, we lose the opportunity to gain the insights that will lead us to a more empowered place in both our life and our business.




Let’s face it, you took the risks to start your business, you own the right to call the shots!
Gain powerful momentum by aligning your actions with your vision and gain access to your natural source of willpower, unshakable clarity and focus by claiming your style of leadership. Did I forget to mention ‘peace of mind’?




Focus your marketing efforts on what you do naturally! Differentiate yourself from the crowd by ‘owning” your brand. Get clients and make money without feeling that you are “sell your soul”.




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