No Time to Build a Business? – No Problem!

5 tips to get clients by “time blocking.

Have you ever noticed that if you want something done, you often ask someone who is already really busy?

Not quite logical right?

The truth is, if someone is busy, they already know the value of their time and they have learned to prioritize and focus on their priorities.

As a matter of fact, today I had this exact conversation with a new client who wants to start her own holistic health practice.

She began by renting a space one day per week (nothing like commitment to hold your feet to the fire), then saw that she needed to know more about marketing.

After renting space for a couple of months, she realized that she didn’t know how to attract clients.

All of us came at this honestly, so nothing wrong with this picture. In fact, instead of wasting a lot of time on renting an empty space, she saw the need to learn about marketing very quickly.

It personally took me a bit more time to catch up on that principle, when I started my first business 20 years ago.

After, doing the initial intake, where we discussed what she wanted her business to look like and especially why she wanted to create it, the next step became to make time in her busy schedule to work on her business, not in her business.

For most people, that distinction is unknown, so for clarification purposes, working in your business as a service provider means the time you meet with clients, also called “billable time” and working on your business is when you do everything else to get clients.

Think of all the departments that are included in a larger company; marketing, operations, technology, accounting and finances, human resources, training, facilities management etc.. there is a lot to think about and quite frankly as a one person business, which is where most of us start, we can get quickly overwhelmed, hence the need to prioritize, focus and delegate.

If you add homeownership and family responsibilities, it is easy to see why very few people make the choice to start a business.

The second thing I do, after guiding my clients to clarify the “what” and “why” of their business is to focus on helping them create time to work on their business. Now mind you, we don’t really create time, we make time for what truly matters.

Creating Time to Work on Your Business

Years back, when I was the sole manager, front desk person, marketing,accounting,staff manager, and operations implementer (whew!) of my joint business with my husband, I worked 6 and 1/2 days a week. This resulted in burnout after three years.

I hired a coach to help me see the forest from the trees. I “knew” that there had to be a better way, yet I couldn’t find it.

I felt as though I had to be “all things to all people”. I felt responsible to hold all the roles, to be there all the time and to have my hands and feet in all the pots and pans.

In summary, the perfect recipe for burnout.

My coach was very clear that I had to focus on what I wanted to do- not what “had to be done”- for my own sanity, delegate/sub-contract/ hire people to take over the stuff that I didn’t want to do.


Because when you do what you love, you thrive!

Then what?

Time blocking became the concept that I gained the most value from.  Time blocking is literally about blocking time in your calendar to get things done.

Click here to download my Timeblocking 101 Guide

In order to be successful at time blocking, you first have to know what to focus on- set goals, prioritize, chunk it down and put the tasks into your calendar the same way you would put a client’s appointment into your calendar, except that this time, the appointment is with a member of your “inner team”.

Then, you turn off everything, email, cell phone, business phone etc. and focus on getting the job done within a specific time frame and don’t get up until it is done.

Here are the steps to get you started.
Assuming that you already know what your vision is (if not, refer to the “vision” blog post and handout) and why you want it, then you have to set clear goals.

When you start a business, the goal is plain and simple- get clients!

Time blocking

  1. Set a specific goal.
    Be specific, for example “get 5 new clients in the next three months.”

  2. Break down that goal into action steps.
    Clarify the marketing action steps that you need to take to get those clients.
    Refer to your marketing strategy (simpler than it sounds).
    If you are new at business, you want to get the word out, choose the simplest 3 steps you can take to get the word out (my next blog post )

  3. Choose one action step that you will implement per week.
    The single most important to do again when you start a business is focus on marketing- getting the word out at the lowest cost possible, assuming that you are sole proprietor with a limited budget, which is what most of my clients are.
    Simple marketing action steps can be; get a business card, create, print and post a flyer, send an email announcing to everyone that you are in business, network- make coffee dates with people you know to let them know that you are in business, you get the gist of this, I am certain.

  4. Assess how long each action step will take.  
    It is very important to be realistic here. In fact, I compared this step as keeping a “food journal”.
    Often when I coach people on balancing their food intake, I tell them to keep track without changing anything for three days of what they eat, their feeding schedule, how they feel before and after they eat and why they eat if they were not hungry.
    Being realistic means that you know that it will take you one hour, not 30 minutes to write a blog post.

  5. Block your calendar for periods of time when you work on your business.
    For example, since I heard of that concept, I have kept Monday and Friday afternoons as my time to work on my business.
    Within that timeframe, block the time needed for each task.
    Give yourself a 10 min. break in between each task to check email, get tea, stretch and go back to work, shutting down everything again.

    Once everything is done.. CELEBRATE!!

    Let’s face it, when you work for yourself, aside from your clients thanking you and your satisfaction for a job well done, no one else but you will be there to acknowledge that you did the work!!
    Take a deep breath and acknowledge yourself for doing it..
    The path of entrepreneurship is a lonely path, and more often than not, we deal with frustrations, especially when we start so give yourself a break..

Being Brave, Despite Your Fear

Follow Your Heart when making decisions

Follow Your Heart When Facing Changes

Brave? What does that mean when fear struck?

Years back when I was the training director for a local bank, I had a steep learning curve. When I started I didn’t know anything about banking nor training. I had had my own coaching business for a few years prior to that, had taught some workshops that I had designed, yet I had never had an official “training” experience.

I “knew” that I could do it and based on that deep inner knowing and trust, even though I was scared, I decided to go for it, applied for the job and got it!

In the first month of my working there, I didn’t know much about Outlook so I made a few mistakes.

One of my first mistakes was to send an email to the “managers” group, a group that the IT department had created to avoid having to type everyone’s name one by one.

One day, as I was getting ready to send something to a specific person, I ended up sending that email to the whole group.

I was mortified, to say the least.. and I immediately sent another email apologizing publicly. My apology was quickly followed by a response sent by the president stating that “it takes a lot of courage to admit one’s mistake publicly”.

I guess it was his way of acknowledging me for having the courage to apologize publicly.

Over the past 4 years, I have climbed up the ladder of courage more than once. I chose to leave my husband three weeks prior to having the breast cancer diagnosis and I stuck with my decision because it felt “right to me”.

I hadn’t made that decision lightly after 23 years and despite the cancer scare, I knew that my heart wasn’t lying!

How often do you “know” the truth about a situation and choose not to listen?

How often, do you know that truth and choose to listen and make deep changes in your life/career/relationships or any other places in your life?

Nothing is cut and dry and sometimes it takes more time than others to make those changes- my husband and I are going through mediation 2 years later.

Despite the time that things take, the “knowing inside your heart” remains the same. Where is that knowing coming from?

How do you know when the time has come to make changes?

Sometimes, life just throws you a line or hits you with a 2×4 like it did to me.

Some changes in my life I have made purposefully and some changes I have made forcefully which means that I had to get a bump on the head to make those changes.

It always feels better to make the choice yet sometimes our soul’s journey has other plans in mind for us.

No matter what the fear level, being brave always leave us feeling bigger and more empowered than what we “thought” we could be.

Being brave challenges our “self-concepts”. Most of those self-concepts are based on beliefs of the past, beliefs that we inherited at a young age and as we grow and mature, we rarely challenge those beliefs so we remain “small” in our self-perception.

Brave is a synonym for courageous and the word courageous comes from the word “heart” in French. Having courage means having heart for what you deeply feel and believe in. It requires to dig deeper and find answers that sometimes shake the status quo, answers that come from a “deep place of knowing inside of you”.

As I said, having courage and being brave are better suited when we initiate things yet at the same time, sometimes we “know” that we must make a change despite the deep fear inside our gut.

So.. how do you be brave despite our fear?

Click here to download my workbook on how to initiate bravery in your life, your work, and in your relationships.

I also invite you to join me for a workshop entitled “Brave, Bold and Breaking Through” that I will be leading Monday May 22, 7-9 pm in Lenox, MA.

If you cannot attend and still feel called by the deep knowing of your heart to make a change in your life/business/career and are ready to be brave despite your fear, call me.

I offer YOU a FREE 45 minute “Be Brave and Breakthrough” coaching session if you are ready to be brave, listen to your heart, face the fear and go for what you want in your heart in your life/business career.

Let yourself break the glass ceiling that you have lived by or meet life where it leads you if it has hit you with a 2×4.

Taming Your Temper

Anger can truly be the fuel behind your fire.

It can be the fuel behind your actions and your decisions.
Anger can be the deal clincher that makes you set boundaries like you have never done it before. It can help you say “NO,”  empowering you to  say “YES” in places that matter.

This past, week I had this exact conversation with one of my clients.
She encountered a couple of situations with her clients that fired her up.
Of course, she managed to respond calmly (to the best of her ability), yet she wanted to find a way to resolve those issues for herself and her business so  they would not happen again.

For years, I have had my dealings with this powerful emotion. In fact, I was afraid of my own anger. Like a blazing wild fire, it would flare up and take a on a life of its own in the most unexpected times.

I didn’t know what to do, so I  repressed it. I would push it down in order to remain calm, yet it would fester inside. My whole body and mind seemed to shut down, wherever there had been happiness or inspiration now seemed to be a desolated land. I felt cut off from people because I was cut off from my own feelings.

It took me years to learn how to manage this wild horse, my blazing fire.
First I had to “befriend it”. It has been 20 years since  I read
my first book on anger that changed my life. I do not remember the title yet I remember the book’s message; that anger was there for a reason and our job was to figure out its message.

I learned to “own” my anger. I became aware of how powerful this energy was in my body. I learned to channel this energy in a way that was constructive.
I would literally choose to move, go out for a hike, a run, a bike ride until the fire calmed down and the words came through.

It is  no mystery to me that I came to this behavior honestly.
Growing up, people around me didn’t know how to manage their own anger either. They either repressed it or exploded or did both.  I learned to repress it because exploding felt dangerous.

It has been my experience that most women do repress more within than express externally, without making a generalization here.

When women get mad, they are called the “B word”.
When men get mad, they are called powerful, righteous or commanding.
Multiple studies have been done on this topic.

What to do when you get mad?
(click here to download my 5 step process to tame your temper)

  1. Recognize the energy of anger in your body and call it for what it is. The truth shall set you free.
  2. Learn to harvest the power of its energy.
  3. Give your anger words.
  4. Uncover your needs underneath the anger.
  5. Speak your needs in a way that can be heard!

Emotional needs are as fundamental to us as physical needs.
Once recognized and acknowledged, they don’t “scream” for attention anymore.

Once you are able to deal with yours, you will be able to recognize and fulfill your clients’ needs much more easily (within the range of what you offer of course).

Does that speak to you?
Do you have problems dealing with this powerful emotion?
If so, where do you get stuck?

Is there a situation that is bugging you right now?
Just give me a call… I can walk you through this process easily.. and help you get to the place of feeling empowered.
Share your comments  below!

Heart Centered in Business, what does it Mean?

Sometimes it seems contradictory to mix these two concepts, doesn’t it?
When I used to think about business, I would think words such as practical, down to earth, get things done, fix problems, get results, learn the ABC of marketing, pay bills, etc.

None of these words are wrong, that’s for sure.  
To be in business, you have to have something to sell; a product or service (yes I know for some of us it sounds like a dirty word), have a way to market what you have to sell (marketing), you have to deliver your product or service (customer service), communicate to your customers (technology), keep tracks of revenues and expenses (bookkeeping and accounting), have a place to work from and keep your products if you have them (operations) and build a team to help you (human resources).

All of this can really get your head spinning, so how do you keep yourself “heart centered”?

Here are some tips to help keep you connected to your heart as a business owner.

Include a “heart centered practice” in your daily ritual
Have a daily practice doing something that helps you connect to your heart.


  • Nature walks, listen to music and move, meditate and/or practice yoga, write in your journal, talk to a trusted friend.
    For example, I will give up 30 minutes on my sleeping schedule to make time for my daily meditation because I know that everything will roll from there. I will be more centered and calm, I will know what is a priority differentiating tasks from urgent to important (from the 4 quadrants in the First Things First book from Stephen Covey) and will be able to find my bearings if I lose them.
    In short, I will stay connected to what matters the most during my day. What is the ONE THING that you can do daily to keep you stay centered?

Build your business doing something you love.


  • It may sounds obvious and I have been guilty of doing the opposite, doing things that I am really good at, that do not excite me. I became so good at doing them that I lost track of what truly mattered.


Are you doing something you truly love? Are you building a business that helps you shine your gifts and talents and that makes your heart sing?
If not, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate and focus on what you love.. What do you love?


Prioritize your “to do list” in function of what makes your heart sing.
Every day, begin your day focusing on what makes your heart sing.
Once you get started, it will generate energy that will help you carry through the tasks that are less than ideal for you.


Identify the top three things that gives you energy daily from your “to do list” and focus on them.

Keep your stress level at bay.

Keep track of what you feel in your mind-body and the stress level that is being generated by your day/people/tasks.

  • Take frequent “breathing breaks”.
  • Breathe in on a count of 4
  • Hold for a count of 2
  • Breathe out on a count of 4
  • Focus on gratitude- it is the fuel of the heart.
  • Appreciate yourself for doing what you do.
  • Focus on what works, the small things that people do for you, or things that are going well. Keep your mind on what is working.
  • Thank yourself, the universe, your body and health, your friends and family and especially your clients for being in business with you.
  • Take vacations.
  • When you burnout, you are of no service to anyone. You may get cranky and say or do things that you will regret later. A vacation doesn’t mean that you go far away. It maybe what we call a “wellness day”.


Love your clients.


Yes I do mean it.. love your clients.

  • When they come to you, send them a secret message from your heart that lets them feel how much you appreciate them. If you cannot identify one thing, maybe it is time to rethink who you are working with.
  • Focus on your niche:  work with people that you are truly inspired to help.
  • Send thank you notes from time to time or give a small gift or extra time as a token of your appreciation.




In times of transitions – listen to your heart!

In your heart you will find…
and much much more….

Almost three years ago now, life threw me a curveball. I was gaining momentum in my business. I had worked for at least 6 months to build my coaching business by  starting a Meetup group, giving FREE workshops, reaching out to different people.

On the second week of July, clients came pouring from everywhere.
I gained 8 clients in one week, which financially sustained me through the next 6 months. Lo and behold, I did not know that a week later, I was about to have my life turned upside down and inside out.

I was on the brink of breaking up with my husband of 23 years and get diagnosed with breast cancer.

The universe was watching over me. I had just gotten enrolled in Wendy DeRosa’s  Intuitive Healer training program and never realized how important this program would be for me.

I was curious at first. I had been a client of Wendy’s energy healing sessions when I got diagnosed with Epstein Barr a few years prior to that. I had been told by Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz  MD, a medical intuitive in addition to being a regular MD who reads “illness and its energetic root causes” based on the chakra system. My first chakra had been “uprooted”.

Logically, my history of being in foster care throughout my childhood made sense in relation to the “uprooted feeling” because first chakra relates to family, home, health and money.

What I didn’t know was that the impact on my energy system depleted my immune system and overall my health.

I didn’t know much about energy healing, yet I was curious when I reached out to Wendy for a series of 10 healing sessions.

When she announced that she was leading an online training program 3 years ago, I decided to sign up. I was curious about chakras, intuition, guidance and angels. One of the key cornerstones of Wendy’s program is based on learning to follow and be guided by our intuition. You can download a free recording from her at

A year prior to that, I had also entered a Psycho-therapeutic Mind Body Healing training program at Hartford Family Institute (HFI) where I was learning about energetic “blocks” in the mind-body systems that are caused by childhood trauma.

Those two programs carried me through one of the most challenging time of my life.

I remember one of my trainers at HFI telling me that I needed to open my heart and listen to it more than my brain when I was working as a therapist.

It was puzzling at first.

I didn’t know what it actually meant. Of course, like everyone else I had heard that many times, “listen to your heart,” as a practical approach in dealing with life and working with people, but I didn’t know what it truly meant. I had learned to rely on my brain and knowledge gained to make decisions my whole life and to shift from my brain to my heart was no small feat.

Why listen to your heart?

Because, it is said in all the ancient religious and spiritual texts, that the heart is the seat of the soul.
The messages that we get from our heart are very simple, yet powerful messages. They help us identify what we love and help us find our way in times of chaos by calming down the mind and finding peace when we feel loved.
They tell us when we are hurting and need comforting. They tell us when something doesn’t feel “right”.
Our heart can help us navigate through the most challenging times of our life.

The world “Courage” comes from the word “Coeur” in French which means heart.
Having courage means having a strong heart- inner strength and bravery.

So, in times of transitions, listening to your heart is bound to give you the strength and guidance you need to make your next move.

How do you listen to your heart?

There are many ways.
The main key component is that you must get quiet in order to hear the simple guidance that you will receive.

Put a hand on your heart- The simplest way is to close your eyes, put a hand on your heart, breathe deeply, ask a question and listen for the answer.
Other ways are..
Go for a walk in nature, breathe, let your mind ask for clarity on a topic.. and listen for the answer.

Meditate– check out Pema Chodron’s recording on
Check out Wendy’s book “Expanding Your Heart” that includes 4 recordings that you can download after you purchase the book.  
One of them, how to tune your heart in times of chaos, was very helpful to me

Journal– there are a few good books on the value of what is called “automatic writing”. I combine this type of writing with my daily meditation. I often start with a prayer asking for guidance, then take my journal and begin writing until I get clarity.

Feel your heart– what makes you happy, joyful, tender are the activities, the people, and the environments that make your heart sign. Pay attention to your heart’s clues.

Feel free to post your comments by responding on this blog post by clicking this  link or email me directly to let me know what works for you..
How do you listen to your heart in times of transition or at any time?

Are Your Clients Making Your Heart Sing?


Building a business is challenging, no qualms about it.

The biggest challenge for more “service oriented” providers is that money comes when clients need our services. Like most heart centered entrepreneurs, you probably decided to go in business for yourself because you have a passion for helping people and less for business.

You probably have learned your craft, whether you are a teacher, psycho-therapist, chiropractor, landscaper, writer, physical therapist, consultant, hairdresser, etc. by doing your craft and perfecting your skills.

You decided to start your business because you have a passion for what you do and believe that you can make a difference doing it your way.

You have set your goals, decided to join the ranks of “entrepreneurship” with passion and purpose and then wonder, “Where are my clients”?

When people start in business they often believe, like I did, that “everyone” can benefit from their services and the truth is probably YES everyone can benefit from your services yet not everyone is meant to be your client.

When I started to coach, there were three certified coaches in Berkshire County. Now I don’t even attempt to keep track.
When you market your services, it is important that you do not try to appeal to everyone.

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

Maybe like I did, you joined a marketing mastermind group.. or maybe heck, like I did,.. you joined TWO.

You wanted to learn from people who had “walked the path” successfully, the tips and tricks of the trade and the ABCs of marketing.
You probably have read marketing books, a ton of them, like I did!
You probably “follow” a few marketing gurus, who all claim to have the “secret to the holy grail” AKA finding more clients, making more money etc. and got very confused about what to do and who to listen to.

Is this you?

I decided a while back to stop the madness and turn inward instead of outward.
I decided to simplify and tune into what makes sense to me.
I decided to listen to my heart.
I began thinking about the clients that I truly enjoyed working with, let’s call them your “A” clients, the clients that made my heart sing. 
Despite the fact that you would like to be “all things to all people”, the truth is you are not!
You appeal to people who are either like you, or have a similar story than yours.
They are your “A” clients.

Try categorizing your clients into 3 categories

1) “A” clients- those who make your heart sing.

2) “B” clients- the “average ones”. You like working with them yet they don’t make your heart sing the same way the “A” clients do. You are able to do the work they ask you to do, yet you are not completely challenged or excited by the work or projects. Let’s face it, we still need them yet they are not on our “A” list.

3) The “heart sinkers”- the ones who, when you look at your schedule and see their name you have the “heart sinking feeling”. They “drain you”, if you know what I am talking about. Those are the ones that you definitely want to release.

Why does it matter to do know who your “A” clients are?

Because identifying them will help you find more clients like them. It will help you target your marketing efforts towards more people like them.

Your “A” clients usually fall in these 3 categories:

1) They want what you have to offer.

2) They can pay for your services without batting an eye.

3) They make your heart sing.

If you want to know who they are.. here is an exercise for you..

Take a piece of paper and divide it in three columns; write the name of all your clients, past and present, on the left column.
In the center column, identify them as “A”, “B” or “C”.
In the right column, describe what makes them be your “A”, “B” or “C” clients.
Then review your list and ask yourself “how did I find these “A” clients?”
“How did they find me, how did they hear about me?”
“What is their story?” (more about this in the next newsletter).

For now, notice what your “A” clients have in common.. and write those three things down:

1) What are their challenges?

2) What do they need from you?

3) What do they actually want from you/your services?

If you need help in identifying your “A” clients, feel free to book a “Heart Centered Business Breakthrough” Session by clicking here.


What is Your Heart’s Purpose?

Passion. Do More Of What Makes You Happy card with bokeh background


More often than not, when people come to coach with me, they want to build and grow a business doing what they love or what they’ve become good at.

The challenge is that, when we become good at doing something, we can get confused between doing something we are good at instead of doing something we really want to do.

Why does it matter?

A few years back, I used to say that I became an expert in a variety of things, in fact, I excelled at being very good at things that I truly didn’t care much for.

I offered my massage therapy services in my twenties and early thirties to pay for other courses. I was very good at it, yet it wasn’t fueling my passion. Because of that, I didn’t really care how I presented myself. In fact, I was really upfront about what I didn’t do and what I did best. I attracted people who liked deep tissue massage.

Last year I happen to have that conversation with one of my students. I was making “small talk” and asked her the following “if your life came to an end, would it feel “unfinished?” Is there something you wanted to do and never did”?

I was very surprised to see her eyes welled up with tears when she responded “yes, writing a book”. “I know that I am supposed to write”, she proceeded, “yet I am terrified at the idea of writing.

When I saw her emotional reaction I knew that we had touched on a “raw nerve.” I offered to meet with her for a “breakthrough session” to dig deeper into the fear.

Once the session was over, she “knew” that the time had come to begin writing the book and she enrolled in my six month program.

The climb was steep. Between making time between the kids, the house chores and overcoming the inner resistance, we had our work cut out.
One day, when we finally lined up her efforts with her deeper heart’s purpose, the resistance melted away and the book got done in less than 4 months.

When you tap into your heart’s purpose, the energy that gets freed up is tremendous, you literally tap into the energy that creates worlds.
Once you know and can answer questions like the following:
What am I here for” and “what is my life/work contribution to this world supposed to be”, you tap into a well of energy that makes you become unstoppable.

This isn’t to say you will not encounter resistance, you will; yet the energy that you will tap into will be at the core of your heart and soul.

Why does it matter?
Because life is short, working for money only can become meaningless and quite frankly all of us are unique in our incarnation and are meant to share with the world our unique perspective.

We all have gifts and talents, and it matters how we share them.
Not everyone of us is meant to create a business, because let’s face it, the path of entrepreneurship will challenge you to the core, yet at the same time, living and working your purpose is really what it’s about.

Especially in these challenging times. Aligning with your heart and putting your actions forward based on that will create a ripple effect that will make your world and the world at large a better place.

Go for it!
Life is too short..
Ask yourself “What makes my heart sing?
If I was to come to the end of my life; what would be missing if I didn’t accomplish that one thing (___________________________) ?”

Email me if you want help in clarifying what your purpose is.Setup a “Purpose Breakthrough session” with me.

Until we speak again.. let your heart speaks its truth!


Our Search for Meaning

the heart of the earth

In 1995, I went back to school to finish my BA I had started in Montreal a few years prior. I had studied psychology and dance and decided to add a few business courses.

I chose a program that gave me freedom. It was a “University Without Walls” format that allowed me to mix in online and in-person classes from anywhere. At the end, to complete the program, I had to submit a research paper that counted for 6 credits.
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We are all Change Makers at heart

After the elections, I was inspired to create a new program. I saw how irate people were, how deeply powerless they felt, myself included.

A friend of mine, whose father was in politics posted in response to people’s political complaints on FB that “FB complaints do not change the world, taking action does. Next time there is an election, get involved!”

His comment really “hit home”, I decided to make it my mission this year to help people who want to make a difference in the world, take action.

This year, I am launching a new program,  “Change Makers On Fire”.

How do you become a change maker?

You begin at “home”. Home is where the heart is.
What you have had to overcome in your life has guided you.
It has taught you something about who you are, your strengths, your talents. It has made you resourceful.
It has given you passion, beliefs in certain values more important than others.
It also guides you towards what you want.. even if you don’t have the full picture, your heart knows what you are here for!

Being a “change maker” is about bringing change in the “here and now” with every person you encounter. It is about making a difference in your immediate world then in the larger world.

Would you care to join me?

Click here to join my private FB group “Change Makers on Fire” Where passion and compassion turn into action”

Or join me for my upcoming workshop..

How do you know what you are here for?

Look at your life, the challenges you have had to overcome, the lessons learned, the strengths you gained from overcoming those challenges, the deep seated values that you stand for and you’ll know what you are here for.

Who you are

We are “spirit embodied”, a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. That means that we all came here to evolve, to grow and overcome something, it is called our “soul’s mission”.
For some of us the ride is rougher than for others.
Most of the time, what we have had to overcome has given us strength and resiliency.

My own childhood was spent in foster care for 7 years.
My entire life has been dedicated to two things; personal/spiritual growth and business growth. I don’t have an official PhD; yet I have spent countless hours (and money) learning to overcome my childhood adversities.
I know what feelings are, I know how beliefs get formed and how they, in turn perpetuate deeply ingrained feelings that then turn into action or lack thereof.

Mind/body memories and beliefs are powerful and can be limiting to us unless we know what they are. We become the “victim” of what happened to us because we are not aware of the impact our thoughts and beliefs have on us. I’ve made it my life mission to help others overcome their own adversities, tap into their own wisdom and put their action behind their passion.

I also happen to have a knack for business. Years back, I was lucky enough to have a father-in-law who told me to take business classes when I decided to go back to school to finish my BA. I ended up taking business classes on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

What do you stand for?

The challenges of your life experience have made you believe in certain things, have created a desire inside your heart to make a difference somewhere.
I truly believe that our passion is already there awaiting to unfold in our heart.

A friend of mine a couple of months back was trying to make a decision in regards to her work. She claimed that she didn’t know what her life purpose was.
I simply LOVE that statement, because one of my natural gifts is to have that “sense or intuition” that allows me to be able to help people find out what they love.

If someone is willing, I always know how to help them find the answer to what they are looking for. The full picture may not revealed itself in one session yet the beginning of the answer will appear.
I did not know her very well because she was a new friend.. yet I knew that I could help because of my 20 years of coaching experience.
I started asking questions.

1) Is there something that you truly believe in your life, something that you have learned the hard way and want to help the world with?
2) Have you had to overcome challenges that you would like to help others with?
3) What difference would you like to make in the world?

And then her answer came.. “I want to help women who have been abused”, “I want to help men who have abused women, I want to help them understand the impact of what they do.
after sharing this, her next question was “how do I go about doing that?”
I responded “one step at the time”.

She signed up to be trained as a volunteer with a local organization that works with women who have suffered abuse.

Know what you want!

This question sometimes makes people “hit the wall” of disbelief’s, especially if you, like me, had people around you who did not believe in you.

This question requires that you tune into your heart and let the vision of what you want appear. I have spent quite a bit of time the past couple of years focusing on just that.

I now know that my mission is to help people who have had to overcome adverse childhood experiences shine their own light.

You can ask yourself the following questions:
‘If I had only a few months to live, what would I want to focus on?”
“What would be most important to me?”
“How would I go about accomplishing that?”

Even in the midst of life and business daily “to do’s”, focusing on what matters will bring you a sense of peace.
Until we see each other again.. may you find passion and compassion in your heart!

A Year of Compassion and Passion

As this year comes to an end and another year begins, I’m taking time to reflect.

I wonder… 
have I lived my life to the fullest?
What truly matters in my life?
Am I doing what I set out to accomplish in this lifetime?
Am I aligned with my purpose?
Are my actions reflecting the deepest purpose of my heart and soul?

This afternoon I heard about a woman I know who had a double mastectomy a few years back is now having to undergo a full hysterectomy as a preventative measure. Her BRCA gene tested positive which means that her chance of getting uterine cancer have increased.

Another woman I know, who had breast cancer 10 years ago is now dealing with brain cancer.
Whenever I hear a story like these, it brings me back home, right in the center of my heart.

It has now been 2.5 years since I had my dealings with cancer.
Back then, I really came to understand how much our hearts matter.

I was shocked by how many tears I cried, cries of a lifetime it seemed.
My heart opened and I clearly saw the places in my life where I had closed my heart.

Since then, it has been a journey.
My meditation practice has become the most important part of my day and life.
I committed to sitting every day a few years back and have never stopped since then.

The practice of mindfulness, Tonglen, compassion and kindness towards self and others continues to be my main practice.
Every day, I get to see how crazy my mind is. I get to feel where my mind creates pain, through judgment and criticism- mostly towards myself and others.
I get to feel how powerful my mind is in creating happiness or misery.

Mostly I get to feel how powerful my heart is in releasing fear, anger, resentment over and over and over again.

My main reading while dealing with cancer was the book from Anita Moorjani “Dying to Be Me”. Anita came back from stage 4 lymphoma fully healthy without a trace of cancer 3 weeks after coming back from the “other side.” She had been in a 30 hour long deep coma.

While her body went dormant, her soul traveled to the place where we return to, the place of pure and unconditional love. She was given the choice to stay there even though her “time” hadn’t come yet and she chose to come back.

She didn’t know what the future held for her. Wayne Dyer, through his assistant searching the web came across her story on a NDE (near death experience) site and contacted her. He invited her to write a book and guaranteed her the publishing of that book through Hay House Publishing. The rest is history.

Anita now lives in CA with her husband and has become a public speaker on many stages around the world.

I read and re-read her book. I want to ingrain in my brain that only love holds this universe.
It has been and continues to be a process. More often than not I fail at remembering unconditional love all day every day, especially when my mind gets going and I feel that “I fail.” I “know” that there is no failure, there are only lessons learned yet I still get caught in believing that my mind is telling me the truth.

So as 2016 ends, I take the week between Christmas and New Year’s day to reflect, to take stock..

Have I done what I set my heart and mind to accomplish?
Have I been the human being that I want to be?
If my life ended tomorrow, would I have any regrets and if so, what would they be and how can I change that?
What is most important for me at this point moving forward in 2017?

I invite you to join me and make 2017 the year of compassion and passion in action.

Compassion mostly towards yourself will lead to compassion towards others. When compassion enters the room, there is no space for self-judgment and self-criticism. We always do the best with what we have every day at every moment.

When you relieve the pressure of not being “good enough”, you unleash your inner genius, your deeper/higher self, the one who has been and will continue to be your best guide, your heart.

Once your heart opens, your passion reveals to you what matters.
You know where to direct your love. You can set your course of action where your soul intends to.

Are you ready?

Join me in setting your intentions towards self-compassion and kindness.

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In 2017, commit to spending a year tapping into your heart’s wisdom to fully live the life that your soul intends for you to live.. and become a “Change Maker on Fire.”

I wish you the best in setting your course of action as we transition into the new year!

Namaste (the soul in me bows to the soul in you)