We are all Change Makers at heart

After the elections, I was inspired to create a new program. I saw how irate people were, how deeply powerless they felt, myself included.

A friend of mine, whose father was in politics posted in response to people’s political complaints on FB that “FB complaints do not change the world, taking action does. Next time there is an election, get involved!”

His comment really “hit home”, I decided to make it my mission this year to help people who want to make a difference in the world, take action.

This year, I am launching a new program,  “Change Makers On Fire”.

How do you become a change maker?

You begin at “home”. Home is where the heart is.
What you have had to overcome in your life has guided you.
It has taught you something about who you are, your strengths, your talents. It has made you resourceful.
It has given you passion, beliefs in certain values more important than others.
It also guides you towards what you want.. even if you don’t have the full picture, your heart knows what you are here for!

Being a “change maker” is about bringing change in the “here and now” with every person you encounter. It is about making a difference in your immediate world then in the larger world.

Would you care to join me?

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How do you know what you are here for?

Look at your life, the challenges you have had to overcome, the lessons learned, the strengths you gained from overcoming those challenges, the deep seated values that you stand for and you’ll know what you are here for.

Who you are

We are “spirit embodied”, a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. That means that we all came here to evolve, to grow and overcome something, it is called our “soul’s mission”.
For some of us the ride is rougher than for others.
Most of the time, what we have had to overcome has given us strength and resiliency.

My own childhood was spent in foster care for 7 years.
My entire life has been dedicated to two things; personal/spiritual growth and business growth. I don’t have an official PhD; yet I have spent countless hours (and money) learning to overcome my childhood adversities.
I know what feelings are, I know how beliefs get formed and how they, in turn perpetuate deeply ingrained feelings that then turn into action or lack thereof.

Mind/body memories and beliefs are powerful and can be limiting to us unless we know what they are. We become the “victim” of what happened to us because we are not aware of the impact our thoughts and beliefs have on us. I’ve made it my life mission to help others overcome their own adversities, tap into their own wisdom and put their action behind their passion.

I also happen to have a knack for business. Years back, I was lucky enough to have a father-in-law who told me to take business classes when I decided to go back to school to finish my BA. I ended up taking business classes on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

What do you stand for?

The challenges of your life experience have made you believe in certain things, have created a desire inside your heart to make a difference somewhere.
I truly believe that our passion is already there awaiting to unfold in our heart.

A friend of mine a couple of months back was trying to make a decision in regards to her work. She claimed that she didn’t know what her life purpose was.
I simply LOVE that statement, because one of my natural gifts is to have that “sense or intuition” that allows me to be able to help people find out what they love.

If someone is willing, I always know how to help them find the answer to what they are looking for. The full picture may not revealed itself in one session yet the beginning of the answer will appear.
I did not know her very well because she was a new friend.. yet I knew that I could help because of my 20 years of coaching experience.
I started asking questions.

1) Is there something that you truly believe in your life, something that you have learned the hard way and want to help the world with?
2) Have you had to overcome challenges that you would like to help others with?
3) What difference would you like to make in the world?

And then her answer came.. “I want to help women who have been abused”, “I want to help men who have abused women, I want to help them understand the impact of what they do.
after sharing this, her next question was “how do I go about doing that?”
I responded “one step at the time”.

She signed up to be trained as a volunteer with a local organization that works with women who have suffered abuse.

Know what you want!

This question sometimes makes people “hit the wall” of disbelief’s, especially if you, like me, had people around you who did not believe in you.

This question requires that you tune into your heart and let the vision of what you want appear. I have spent quite a bit of time the past couple of years focusing on just that.

I now know that my mission is to help people who have had to overcome adverse childhood experiences shine their own light.

You can ask yourself the following questions:
‘If I had only a few months to live, what would I want to focus on?”
“What would be most important to me?”
“How would I go about accomplishing that?”

Even in the midst of life and business daily “to do’s”, focusing on what matters will bring you a sense of peace.
Until we see each other again.. may you find passion and compassion in your heart!

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