Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Since November 8, post-election effect, I have decided to take a stand in my own way. I have decided that the time has come to go for what I truly believe in, helping people take a stand for what they truly believe in.

Strange job indeed it is, to help people tap into their purpose and turn it into a prosperous endeavor.

In 1997, I became certified as a life coach. The journey began after an injury working as a massage therapist. Back then, even though I didn’t have a passion for massage work but knew it was a good “revenue making job”, I made the decision to become the best massage therapist I could be. I enrolled in a variety of training programs and became specialized as a neuromuscular therapist.
The kind of “deep tissue work” involved with being a neuromuscular therapist combined with the addition of too many hours working per day was the perfect recipe for what is called an “overused injury”.

To my shocking dismay, the Berkshire Medical Center occupational therapy nurse told me after examining me that “I should be thinking of re-orienting my career. That I would not last much longer in this profession because of the severity of my injury.”
Thus began my search for another occupation.
At that point I had accumulated a massage therapy certification, studied psychology, had worked as a mental health counselor in a day program for people who had suffered depression, and as an aid in the largest psychiatric hospital in Montreal. I always LOVED counseling people so it was of no surprise to me when the career counselor told me that I would make a great psychotherapist! My response surprised her when I immediately replied “no thank you, not interested. I am interested in helping people build on their strengths, not focus on what is pathological in their behaviors.” positive psychology didn’t exist back then.

Her response set the course for a new career for me, she told me about coaching. I immediately signed up to take the first program that the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) offered on the East Coast and the rest is history.
I love coaching people because the basic premise of coaching, specifically the CTI coaching program holds that “People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.” All the answers we seek are inside of us.

The role of the coach is to listen on a deep level and uncover the truth that most people are afraid to hear inside their heart, mostly because of conditioning.

Nowadays, the coaching industry is huge and it is challenging for people to differentiate what coaching is and especially differentiate one coach from another.
Most people come to coaching because they feel “stuck”.

What does that have to do with “Being the change we seek in the world?”
The elections results have firmed up my mission to empower people to fully live their potential and turn their passion and purpose into prosperity peacefully!


When we stand in the center of what we truly believe in, we stand in the center of our heart centered values. We express what our soul came here to express, we create peace. In all the wisdom traditions, it is said that the “heart is the seat of the soul”, which means that when we truly do what we love, we become successful.

My niche is to work with people, mostly women, who have had to overcome adverse childhood experiences that later translated into physical breakdowns- burnout, breast cancer, or other kinds of life threatening illnesses.


Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.
Adverse childhood experiences do two things; they build strength, character and endurance and also leave a trail of stress/trauma in the nervous system that can translate into auto-immune diseases and other more serious diseases later in life. (You can read more about this in reading the ACE study results by clicking here

Whether or not you have found yourself in a similar situation or have had adverse childhood experiences, you may be called in this historic time to to take a stand.
If you have the strength to overcome something challenging, you also have the strength to help others do the same. Our biology affects our psychology. Like they say “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.
If you are someone who has had to overcome something challenging, you know something about that!

If you are experiencing a personal transformation that is leading you to firmly believe in a new truth about yourself, a new truth that can make a real difference in the world, I invite you to take a stand.


1. Ask your heart “what do you long for?”
Seek deeper and ask yourself If I had only a few months left to live to accomplish my purpose, what would I be doing, who would I be?”
Listen… deeply inside your heart for the answer.

2.Scan your history
Look for the events, jobs, activities that brought you the most joy… things that ignited your passion, identify why (hint: your values were honored, your strengths and talents were probably expressed)
Look for the places in your life where you got angry, where you feel that an injustice was made, places where you have broken down physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. (Hint: your values and who you are were not honored)

3. Ask yourself “If I truly honored who I am, what I believe in, express my gifts/talents/strengths/values and gave myself 100% to a cause, something I truly believe in, what would I be doing? How would I be of service?” What would you do, especially if money was not the issue?”

4. Take a stand for what you believe in and take action. You don’t need to know the full picture before you take a stand. If you care for the environment, you don’t need a full time job in an environmental group to make a difference, join a local organization, begin at home or with your neighbors asking yourself “how can we care for our corner of the world?”.
If you care for animals, volunteer at a shelter, help your neighbors with their pets, be kind to people’s pets when you see them struggling.
If you care for children, help someone in need, either a single parent or volunteer in an after school program.

5. Tell someone you trust about it
Isolation is the “dream killer”. Choose who you surround yourself with. Avoid “naysayers”, people who like to complain without taking action. They might/will feel threatened by you taking a stand for what you believe.

Change Makers on Fire

If you feel ready to take action and want some support in doing so, I am launching a new a new Mastermind Group this coming January.

Change Makers on Fire”  is designed for Heart Centered Leaders and Entrepreneurs, people who choose to be the leader of their own life, people who have had a story of transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs and who want to be part of a community to turn their passion into purpose and prosperity.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to join this group. You simply have to have fire in the belly and want to bring change into your life. You believe that change begins at home and you no longer are willing to wait for “other people” to create the change you seek. You are willing to commit your time and resources to turning your vision into action.

I will be sharing more Mastermind Group details soon, stay tuned!

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