Are Your Clients Making Your Heart Sing?


Building a business is challenging, no qualms about it.

The biggest challenge for more “service oriented” providers is that money comes when clients need our services. Like most heart centered entrepreneurs, you probably decided to go in business for yourself because you have a passion for helping people and less for business.

You probably have learned your craft, whether you are a teacher, psycho-therapist, chiropractor, landscaper, writer, physical therapist, consultant, hairdresser, etc. by doing your craft and perfecting your skills.

You decided to start your business because you have a passion for what you do and believe that you can make a difference doing it your way.

You have set your goals, decided to join the ranks of “entrepreneurship” with passion and purpose and then wonder, “Where are my clients”?

When people start in business they often believe, like I did, that “everyone” can benefit from their services and the truth is probably YES everyone can benefit from your services yet not everyone is meant to be your client.

When I started to coach, there were three certified coaches in Berkshire County. Now I don’t even attempt to keep track.
When you market your services, it is important that you do not try to appeal to everyone.

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

Maybe like I did, you joined a marketing mastermind group.. or maybe heck, like I did,.. you joined TWO.

You wanted to learn from people who had “walked the path” successfully, the tips and tricks of the trade and the ABCs of marketing.
You probably have read marketing books, a ton of them, like I did!
You probably “follow” a few marketing gurus, who all claim to have the “secret to the holy grail” AKA finding more clients, making more money etc. and got very confused about what to do and who to listen to.

Is this you?

I decided a while back to stop the madness and turn inward instead of outward.
I decided to simplify and tune into what makes sense to me.
I decided to listen to my heart.
I began thinking about the clients that I truly enjoyed working with, let’s call them your “A” clients, the clients that made my heart sing. 
Despite the fact that you would like to be “all things to all people”, the truth is you are not!
You appeal to people who are either like you, or have a similar story than yours.
They are your “A” clients.

Try categorizing your clients into 3 categories

1) “A” clients- those who make your heart sing.

2) “B” clients- the “average ones”. You like working with them yet they don’t make your heart sing the same way the “A” clients do. You are able to do the work they ask you to do, yet you are not completely challenged or excited by the work or projects. Let’s face it, we still need them yet they are not on our “A” list.

3) The “heart sinkers”- the ones who, when you look at your schedule and see their name you have the “heart sinking feeling”. They “drain you”, if you know what I am talking about. Those are the ones that you definitely want to release.

Why does it matter to do know who your “A” clients are?

Because identifying them will help you find more clients like them. It will help you target your marketing efforts towards more people like them.

Your “A” clients usually fall in these 3 categories:

1) They want what you have to offer.

2) They can pay for your services without batting an eye.

3) They make your heart sing.

If you want to know who they are.. here is an exercise for you..

Take a piece of paper and divide it in three columns; write the name of all your clients, past and present, on the left column.
In the center column, identify them as “A”, “B” or “C”.
In the right column, describe what makes them be your “A”, “B” or “C” clients.
Then review your list and ask yourself “how did I find these “A” clients?”
“How did they find me, how did they hear about me?”
“What is their story?” (more about this in the next newsletter).

For now, notice what your “A” clients have in common.. and write those three things down:

1) What are their challenges?

2) What do they need from you?

3) What do they actually want from you/your services?

If you need help in identifying your “A” clients, feel free to book a “Heart Centered Business Breakthrough” Session by clicking here.


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