Do You Know Who You Are?

Winding Summer Down In The Berkshires

Hello and welcome!

Summer is winding down! September is one of my favorite times of the year here in the Berkshires. We get to experience beautiful Summer days- upper 70’s low 80’s. We get to have cooler nights which helps with sleep.

I always loved September because it was the time to go back to school which I truly favored. Now it’s back to work time.

This past week I attended my yearly meditation/healing session with Lama Migmar. I have attached a guided meditation for you to get the benefits as well!
Soon, the 4th quarter of the calendar year will be upon us. I have included a “mini-business/marketing” plan for you to get back on track during this transitional time period.

If you don’t have a track (yet) let me know, I can help!
As you know, I offer free “burnout and business breakthrough” sessions!
Even if you have been a client in the past, you still can take advantage of this offer to put yourself back on track.

Do You Know Who You Are?

Kinda strange question isn’t it?

Aside from the more obvious stuff like you are a human being, male or female, a family member-son/daughter of somebody, born somewhere with siblings or extended family members, a professional, a business owner etc.
If you are anything like me and like to take “tests”, you may know your Myers-Briggs or DISC profile or have discovered your strengths with the strengthsfinder test or your Enneagram number and the list goes on and on.. trust me I have done it all!

At the end of the day though, all these things tell you one thing.. that who you are exists in relation to something else (environment, job, behaviors, intrinsic motivations) or somebody else (family members, organization, country etc).

We base our identity and sense of self on all these external factors when in fact who we are is much deeper than that!
We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.
I am not trying to convince you to join a religion. What I am talking about is the essence of who you are. We are consciousness and our primary goal is to expand our consciousness using our human experience in this lifetime.

Once a year (sometimes more) I attend Buddhist retreats with Lama Migmar Tseten at Kripalu Center. I began doing these retreats when I was dealing with my Epstein Barr onset in the winter of 2010. These “healing Chods” (chod means “cut”) are Tibetan Buddhist sessions held by people who have been given the lineage of healing people through prayers and chanting.
The underlying premise of these healing sessions is that we carry within our body/energy system “karmic energy systems” that create imbalances in our body, emotions, mind and spirit that will eventually cause diseases.

At this point I have attended 7 of them. When I got the breast cancer diagnosis two years ago, my first thought after receiving the diagnosis was “I have to talk to Lama Migmar”.
A few hours after on that same day, someone told me that he was offering one of those healing Chods at Kripalu. I immediately canceled my whole week and jumped into the program 2.5 day after it had started.

Since then have attended 5 more sessions.
Why do I keep going back?
Because every time I come back I have a glimpse of who I am from a deeper state of consciousness! Through those meditations and chanting/prayers sessions I let go of “old conditioning”.

These experiences provide me with a freedom that makes space inside my body, mind and emotions. I can see “my thoughts” and how those thoughts affect my emotions and how my emotions create all kinds of physical symptoms. Most of our thoughts are repetitive and conditioned. Very few times in one day do we have “new thoughts”. We loop around the same loops; these thoughts are based on human conditions, many rooted in fear.

Fear takes on a lot of shape; procrastination, self-limiting beliefs, anger, jealousy, perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of taking risks, fear of speaking, fear of committing, etc.

At the basis of all those fears”, Lama Migmar says “is an intrinsic fear of death”.

Now pause for a moment.
Take a deep breath…
Sit with this statement…

Think about the fears that you have; are you a perfectionist- do you fear making mistakes? What do you think/imagine will happen if you make a mistake?
Are you a procrastinator (underneath every procrastinator there is a perfectionist)?
Are you afraid of public speaking?
Are you afraid of selling yourself, your products/services?
Are you afraid of doing what you truly love- what you know deep in your heart that you are meant to do because of… yet play it safe by reverting to something you know you do well yet are kinda of bored doing?

Imagine if you could get to know and “be-friend” your fear, learn to relax deeply around it, get freedom from it, what would you be able to accomplish?

In the Buddhist tradition, it is said that we are “bound” to suffer.  It is part of the human condition because we grow old, everything changes and we ultimately have no control over any of it (even though we seem to think that we do). The more we try to avoid suffering the more we perpetuate it.

What does this have to do with living with purpose, making money and building/growing a business?
Building/growing a business and making money following your purpose by promoting yourself will push you to your edge, the edge of your comfort zone. Most of us get to that edge and step back and never return to that edge because we are afraid.

One of my clients hired me to help her write a book. She “knew” that she was meant to be a writer yet she cried at the idea of writing because she was so “scared”. Her fear felt “real”. Once we debunked what was underneath the fear, we began taking “baby steps”. It took a few months to gain momentum and as we kept on working through those fears she kept writing.
Today, a year later, I got a text from her saying “I am done!

Now the editing job has started and I have a deadline to present my book at pitch competition on September 22nd.”

I must say that every time I read something like this I feel like a proud mama!
Not because of me.. because I “know” that everyone has the power inside of them to manifest what they want.Iit is simply a matter of releasing the fear that stands in the way.

Meditation has the power to help you see your fear and release it.
It will help you see who you truly are, relax your fears, and “identify” the conversation in your mind that creates that fear and release it.
You will “know” in your heart who you are!
Mindful awareness without judgment is the most powerful tool for transformation!
Are you in?

Free Monthly “in-person” Meditation Class

Join me for a free monthly “in-person” meditation class. Visit me at Healing Rhythms in Lenox MA, the 1st Sunday of the month, 11a.m.-12 p.m. for a hour of “Heart Matters” Meditation and Mindfulness Practices to heal and transform daily life challenges by tapping into your heart’s healing power”.

If you cannot join me for this in person event, feel free to join me by phone for that same monthly session. Pre-registration required.


Mindful Awareness Meditation For Daily Living

Years back when I was leading a 6 month program for women who wanted to heal their relationship with food, I introduced the concept of meditation. One of the women participating in the course that I would qualify as a type “A” personality exclaimed point blank “I can’t meditate, I just can’t get my mind to shut off”.

My immediate response was “you are not supposed to shut off your mind, meditation is about learning to deal with the chatter”.

So.. this is the point.. mindfulness meditation can be divided in many partitions and at the end of the day it simply means being mindful of what is happening and learning to relax around it.

Here is a very simple way to get begin harnessing the powers of meditation in your own life.

Plan Your 4th Quarter Strategy For Success

For some of us, since we were children, we view Summer as the time to “chill out” and September as the “going back to school” or “back in business” time of the year. I suggest to my clients to do this review quarterly.

Before you know it, the end of the year will come and with it another year.

I am a proponent of both, planning ahead and “dancing in the moment”.
90% of the time,  airplanes are “off course” and get back on course using their navigation instruments to arrive at their destination safely.
In this case, your instrument(s) are the gage that you put in place to keep track of how your business is growing.

Here’s a planning guide for you to plan your success this fall.

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