Heart Centered Women Entrepreneurs

3 Breakthrough Strategies For “Heart Centered
Women Entrepreneurs” Attracting The “Right
Clients” Delivering an Authentic Marketing Message!


Do You Find It Challenging To
“Speak Your Mind” When Needed?

Is it Difficult for You to Find the “Right Words”
to Describe What You Do?

You Dread Marketing Yourself Because
It Feels Uncomfortable?



  • Lead Powerfully By Speaking Your Truth
  • Courageously Deliver Your Authentic Message
  • Implement a Marketing Plan That Inspires You To Take Action!








The truth is I didn’t know ‘anything’ was getting in my way. I didn’t reach out to get help getting things out of my way. I reached out because I wanted help with some projects that were sitting on the sidelines and not getting done. I also wanted to feel less stress. Chantal helped me (in a very compassionate way) become aware of and let go of some ‘old’ and well practiced patterns that were adding stress to my day, ‘getting in my way’, and actually inhibiting joy. After working with Chantal, I am truly feeling less stress which has resulted in energy being freed up and I am ‘feeling good’ more often…love it! I am getting those projects done with a new and different kind of energy. Chantal is quite good at what she does.

Trisha Patricia J. Jenkyns PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD