Heart Centered in Business, what does it Mean?

Sometimes it seems contradictory to mix these two concepts, doesn’t it?
When I used to think about business, I would think words such as practical, down to earth, get things done, fix problems, get results, learn the ABC of marketing, pay bills, etc.

None of these words are wrong, that’s for sure.  
To be in business, you have to have something to sell; a product or service (yes I know for some of us it sounds like a dirty word), have a way to market what you have to sell (marketing), you have to deliver your product or service (customer service), communicate to your customers (technology), keep tracks of revenues and expenses (bookkeeping and accounting), have a place to work from and keep your products if you have them (operations) and build a team to help you (human resources).

All of this can really get your head spinning, so how do you keep yourself “heart centered”?

Here are some tips to help keep you connected to your heart as a business owner.

Include a “heart centered practice” in your daily ritual
Have a daily practice doing something that helps you connect to your heart.


  • Nature walks, listen to music and move, meditate and/or practice yoga, write in your journal, talk to a trusted friend.
    For example, I will give up 30 minutes on my sleeping schedule to make time for my daily meditation because I know that everything will roll from there. I will be more centered and calm, I will know what is a priority differentiating tasks from urgent to important (from the 4 quadrants in the First Things First book from Stephen Covey) and will be able to find my bearings if I lose them.
    In short, I will stay connected to what matters the most during my day. What is the ONE THING that you can do daily to keep you stay centered?

Build your business doing something you love.


  • It may sounds obvious and I have been guilty of doing the opposite, doing things that I am really good at, that do not excite me. I became so good at doing them that I lost track of what truly mattered.


Are you doing something you truly love? Are you building a business that helps you shine your gifts and talents and that makes your heart sing?
If not, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate and focus on what you love.. What do you love?


Prioritize your “to do list” in function of what makes your heart sing.
Every day, begin your day focusing on what makes your heart sing.
Once you get started, it will generate energy that will help you carry through the tasks that are less than ideal for you.


Identify the top three things that gives you energy daily from your “to do list” and focus on them.

Keep your stress level at bay.

Keep track of what you feel in your mind-body and the stress level that is being generated by your day/people/tasks.

  • Take frequent “breathing breaks”.
  • Breathe in on a count of 4
  • Hold for a count of 2
  • Breathe out on a count of 4
  • Focus on gratitude- it is the fuel of the heart.
  • Appreciate yourself for doing what you do.
  • Focus on what works, the small things that people do for you, or things that are going well. Keep your mind on what is working.
  • Thank yourself, the universe, your body and health, your friends and family and especially your clients for being in business with you.
  • Take vacations.
  • When you burnout, you are of no service to anyone. You may get cranky and say or do things that you will regret later. A vacation doesn’t mean that you go far away. It maybe what we call a “wellness day”.


Love your clients.


Yes I do mean it.. love your clients.

  • When they come to you, send them a secret message from your heart that lets them feel how much you appreciate them. If you cannot identify one thing, maybe it is time to rethink who you are working with.
  • Focus on your niche:  work with people that you are truly inspired to help.
  • Send thank you notes from time to time or give a small gift or extra time as a token of your appreciation.




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