Let Your Madness Fuel Your Fire

Do you ever get mad.. or fed up.. or impatient.. or had enough of everything and everybody?

Even though you are leading a heart centered business and try to have a heart centered life, sometimes you just hit the wall!

A few days before I went on vacation that is how I felt!
I began noticing how tired I was, how busy I felt, and how little there was to show for it.
I knew then that it was time for me to stop making decisions, it was time to take a hard look at what was bothering me.

There were a lot of “holes” that seemed to be draining my energy. I wasn’t focused enough on the right things. Because of this, I chose to take a week off to recalibrate myself and postponed making immediate decisions.

Fortunately, while attending my week long meditation retreat everything inside of me calmed down and my head got clear.

It became obvious what needed to go, where the drains were and what I needed to do to “plug” the holes.

Sometimes being mad is the best thing you can do for yourself because being mad means “no”. It means that some boundaries have to be created.

Those boundaries can be with clients, with whom you feel that you are not making headways, even though your clients have to go at their own pace. It could be with some actions that you need to take, some things that you have to let go off the “to do list” because those things are not yielding results or not the results you want.

Whatever it is, let your madness fuel your fire

Take the following steps:

Are there things in your life that continually frustrate you and for some reason you tolerate?

Make the list of all those things from the smallest to the biggest.

  • For example do you tolerate a small mess in your office, the one that you keep telling yourself that you will take care of later yet every time you look for something you can’t find it.
  • Do you tolerate clients being late or not paying you on time?
  • Do you tolerate people coming in to visit you unannounced because you work from home they think that you are “available?”
  • After making your list, rate your list on a scale to 1-10. 1 is the lowest number (least frustrating) and 10 the highest (most frustrating).
  • Pick the top 3 items work related or not that have the highest number and let yourself “know” what needs to happen.
  • Ask yourself “what would be the best outcome for this”? and do not let your mind deter you from believing that you can have what you want. Whenever we “leak” energy, that energy is not available for other things. Be firm in believing that you can literally make the changes necessary for your own good, the good of your life and your business.
  • Keep plugging away at your list, take 3 items per week or month and keep clearing up the areas where you feel drained and notice how it affects you energetically and also how much lighter and freer your life/business will feel.

Drop me a line and let me know if you have any questions or how this is working out for you..



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