Saturday January 7th, 2017 - 12:30 - 3 p.m.

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Do you want to uncover the deeper meaning of this life's challenging illness?
Are you committed to releasing patterns that hinder your health on all levels?
Do you want to leave your mark in the world aligning your work with your life's purpose?

Join Chantal Leven, burnout &
breast cancer survivor; life & business
coach & business owner to:
  • TAP into the unshakable CLARITY of your BODY'S WISDOM to help you uncover the healing MESSAGES of breast cancer.
  • UNLEASH THE HEALING POWER OF YOUR BODY by RELEASING patterns that hinder your life force and BUILD YOUR IMMUNITY by tapping into your HEART'S WISDOM & COMPASSION.
  • LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST & become UNSTOPPABLE by aligning your life/work with your life PURPOSE.

Saturday May 07th, 2016 - 2:00-4:30 p.m.


In April of 2015 I was on the east coast and I saw Chantal's flyer. I immediately got a resounding YES from my inner knowing and decided I needed to find out who this person is. I was seeking a coach that could go beyond setting goals. The last few years I have been immersed in care giving for an aging parent, raising teenagers, and working both a full time and part time job yet, still trying to move forward with my entrepreneurial dreams. I have worked with other coaches but they were unable to go into the places that truly allow a client to make lasting change. Since working with Chantal I have moved from living my life from my intellect to resting in my heart center. I am celebrating each day! I am pursuing a dream of study in authentic dance, I received a raise from my full time job and my voice is now being heard and driving change in the organization, and my relationship with my husband has blossomed once again as we approach our 22nd wedding anniversary! I can't imagine what will happen as I continue to work with Chantal!

~ Lisa Aguilar, LMT, CWP

In working with Chantal I gained much greater clarity on what I want to do in my life and business, including the specific population I want to work with -my 'type A' clients-, what services I want to offer and in what way exactly, my programs and packages and the way to present and market them.As a results, I attracted and started working with many more clients that actually fit into my 'type A' client category which then significantly increased in my income, combined with greater satisfaction from my work and greater confidence in offering my services.

~ Stella Stahi, MA, MBACP, Psychotherapist

Since working together, I've felt encouraged to trust and lead with my heart, listen to my soul, find and own my ground and connect more deeply with the Divine.

Before working with Chantal I felt that I had lots of ideas in my head about how I wanted to live, how much I should work, and what would make me happy. I had been seeking external validation through my workload. I sought more balance in my psychotherapy practice to incorporate more self-care (me time, family time & friend time).

~ Becky S, LMSW, The Hudson Practice

About Chantal Leven

Chantal Leven coaches and trains Heart Centered Entrepreneurs in Intuitive Business Building and Marketing © in applying marketing principles blended with mindset principles that help her clients and students become unstoppable by tapping into their own "inner knowing" and implementing authentic marketing strategies that attract to them their "right divine clients" and make money while making a difference in the world!

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