Public Speaking

Can your group or organization host a speaker that will provide you with a “hands on” educational and inspirational talk?

If so, I will speak for FREE- on topics relevant to small business building and growth, challenges faced by small business owners etc.

Here are some sample topics:

  • “Wearing all the hats without losing your head”-
    How to stay on track with goals, prioritize revenue producing activities, managing time & tasks while remaining sane and healthy.

  • Building the bridge- from purpose to prosperity! How to grow a business, be successful and make money in alignment with purpose and values!

  • Selling with heart without giving away your shirt!
    The art of enrolling people without “selling” giving value within healthy boundaries.

Give me a call to see if this would be of interest to you!!

Below are some examples of topics covered in the past

Will You or Will You Not? (Pittsfield Rotary Club)

The effects of stress on the “Willpower Instinct” and how to strengthen your “will” using a mind-body approach and reach your goals.

More and more, the recent field of neuroscience continues proving the importance of the mind-body connection to create new habits for success and long-lasting happiness. The bio-chemistry in our body affects the way we think and feel and our ability to effectively reach our goals. The better we are at balancing our body’s chemistry, through healthy eating habits, exercise and stress-reduction techniques, the greater the capacity for our mind to focus and for our will to stay engage until we reach success.

” Recently, it was a delight to have Mrs. Leven speak to the Pittsfield Rotary Club. She provided the membership with excellent information about how eating healthy and exercising have a direct impact on our ability to manage stress and be more successful. Also, she presented the talk in a way that was easy to listen to, and had a number of interesting questions, which she answered in both a professional and caring way for each person”.

~ Thomas B. Sherman, President, Pittsfield Rotary Club.


  • Do you dread going to Networking Events because you feel like you have to “sell yourself or your services or both”?
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert and find it almost painful to attend networking events because really you don’t know what to say?
  • Do you wish you could go to networking events and feel at ease and know what to do and say without having to “put on a show”?
  1. Demystify the biggest misconceptions that you (and everyone else) hold around Networking.
  2. Get clear on what the purpose of networking is.
  3. Take the dread out of it and find your “groove” and your networking style.
  4. Feel more at ease knowing when to speak, what to say and when to listen.

In this hour packed with information and a “hands on” approach participants will learn to become more at ease with networking!

Speaking Experience

While working as the training director for Legacy Banks for 6 years and delivering training programs on multiple topics, Chantal Leven was the president of the “OUR LEGACY” Toastmasters Club in Pittsfield MA, for 3 years. Her engagement in Toastmasters began in 1998, when she first joined the “Last Words” Toastmasters chapter in Pittsfield MA. She was part of launching a club in Lenox MA for 6 months and served as the VP of programming for the Toastmasters club in Great Barrington MA for almost a year.