Speak Up Girlfriend

Chantal Leven presents

Ignite Your Fire.
Engage Your Power!

In Person Classes are held @
Healing Rhythms, 55 Pittsfield Rd, Lenox, MA

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3 Breakthrough Strategies For “Heart Centered
Women Entrepreneurs” Attracting The “Right
Clients” Delivering an Authentic Marketing Message!

Do You Find It Challenging To
Give Your Elevator Speech” When Needed?

Is it Difficult for You to Find the “Right Words”
to Describe What You Do?

Do You Dread Marketing Yourself Because
It Feels Uncomfortable?

3 Steps

  • Lead Powerfully By Speaking Your Truth
  • Courageously Deliver Your Authentic Message
  • Describe What You Do Clearly and Succinctly!

Chantal Leven CPCC, together with her husband, co-owns Healing Rhythms in Lenox MA. She is a certified Personal and Professional Coach from the Coaches Training Institute, Guerilla Marketing Coach, Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Movement Therapist, Yoga and Mindful Fitness Instructor and MBA candidate. She coaches women who are ready to claim their authentic power and leadership, increase profitability by staying on track with their goals while remaining healthy and sane!

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