Being Brave, Despite Your Fear

Follow Your Heart when making decisions

Follow Your Heart When Facing Changes

Brave? What does that mean when fear struck?

Years back when I was the training director for a local bank, I had a steep learning curve. When I started I didn’t know anything about banking nor training. I had had my own coaching business for a few years prior to that, had taught some workshops that I had designed, yet I had never had an official “training” experience.

I “knew” that I could do it and based on that deep inner knowing and trust, even though I was scared, I decided to go for it, applied for the job and got it!

In the first month of my working there, I didn’t know much about Outlook so I made a few mistakes.

One of my first mistakes was to send an email to the “managers” group, a group that the IT department had created to avoid having to type everyone’s name one by one.

One day, as I was getting ready to send something to a specific person, I ended up sending that email to the whole group.

I was mortified, to say the least.. and I immediately sent another email apologizing publicly. My apology was quickly followed by a response sent by the president stating that “it takes a lot of courage to admit one’s mistake publicly”.

I guess it was his way of acknowledging me for having the courage to apologize publicly.

Over the past 4 years, I have climbed up the ladder of courage more than once. I chose to leave my husband three weeks prior to having the breast cancer diagnosis and I stuck with my decision because it felt “right to me”.

I hadn’t made that decision lightly after 23 years and despite the cancer scare, I knew that my heart wasn’t lying!

How often do you “know” the truth about a situation and choose not to listen?

How often, do you know that truth and choose to listen and make deep changes in your life/career/relationships or any other places in your life?

Nothing is cut and dry and sometimes it takes more time than others to make those changes- my husband and I are going through mediation 2 years later.

Despite the time that things take, the “knowing inside your heart” remains the same. Where is that knowing coming from?

How do you know when the time has come to make changes?

Sometimes, life just throws you a line or hits you with a 2×4 like it did to me.

Some changes in my life I have made purposefully and some changes I have made forcefully which means that I had to get a bump on the head to make those changes.

It always feels better to make the choice yet sometimes our soul’s journey has other plans in mind for us.

No matter what the fear level, being brave always leave us feeling bigger and more empowered than what we “thought” we could be.

Being brave challenges our “self-concepts”. Most of those self-concepts are based on beliefs of the past, beliefs that we inherited at a young age and as we grow and mature, we rarely challenge those beliefs so we remain “small” in our self-perception.

Brave is a synonym for courageous and the word courageous comes from the word “heart” in French. Having courage means having heart for what you deeply feel and believe in. It requires to dig deeper and find answers that sometimes shake the status quo, answers that come from a “deep place of knowing inside of you”.

As I said, having courage and being brave are better suited when we initiate things yet at the same time, sometimes we “know” that we must make a change despite the deep fear inside our gut.

So.. how do you be brave despite our fear?

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