Tell Me Something Your Deep Heart Loves

Connecting To The Deepest Nature Of Who You Are 

These past three weeks, I have been taking a class with my best friend with Miranda McPherson entitled “Awakening to Your Boundless Nature”. This course is a spiritual training that helps us connect to the deepest nature of who we are and helps sort out the “ego” from the part of us that is eternal (we can call it our soul).

The basic premise of this course, like most spiritual practices, is to help people go deeper into themselves, broaden their awareness, and connect with their true nature instead of the “ego mind”.

Our ego mind is the part of us that gets formed as we are born and grow up in the world. It is made from the feelings, feedback, and comments we experience and comes from the people who surrounded us as we grew up.

Because no one is perfect, we receive both the good and the “not so good” views from the people around us. As infants, we are like little sponges who take everything in; we lack the ability to distinguish the truth from someone else’s projections, we “believe” what we are told and act accordingly.

Once we internalize these conversations/comments/feedback they become the conversation that we hold in our own mind. Unfortunately, for most of us, we don’t recognize or make the distinction between those conversations and who we truly are. These internalized conversations become what we call our “ego personality” which in part forms our “self-image”. It becomes the way we feel about ourselves and the world, the way we act and re-act, what we like and don’t like and how we relate to people and the world.

Most people I meet never question what they believe unless it causes them pain.
For example, you desire to create a business, to be successful and make money doing what you love, but it seems to be jeopardized by  “unknown forces”. Despite all your best efforts, the pain you experience building a business is very real. It challenges you to separate your “ego mind” from your soul.

Becoming Conscious 

The process of becoming conscious is the process of making the distinction between the thoughts and beliefs that we have internalized from what people have said to us and who we truly are.
Developing a mindful attitude is a powerful step, along with others to give us the chance to go deeper inside ourselves and observe what we hear, think, and feel. We cannot change what we are not aware of.. therefore the first step is to become aware.

Becoming aware can go both ways, it can liberate us or make us more judgmental and throw us in a negative tailspin if we begin judging what we become aware of.

Now all of this is a lot of “thinking” and at times it can get us deeper into the “rabbit hole” than we need to be. By that I don’t mean that it is not important to look at the beliefs and thoughts that are unconsciously running you, I mean that you can do both. The shortcut to finding who you are truly is to tune into your heart.

In many spiritual traditions it is said that the heart is the seat of the soul. We come from love and return to love once we pass on to the next stage of our existence.The process of soul evolution is to go deeper into our heart and find that place of unconditional acceptance, compassion, and kindness for who we are and for humanity.

Easier said than done I know!


Moving With Purpose And Love

In the course of miracles, which I honestly am not well versed, it is said that there are only two emotions, fear and love.
Fear dictates our ego/personality, love reflects the depth of our soul.
Fear makes us act in ways that can be hurtful towards ourselves and others, love makes us see that we are all connected and that we are all doing our best.

What does that have to do with business and life?

Your heart will guide you to want to build a business that makes a difference in the world. Your ego will tell you that there are limited resources and that you have to fight to get what you want.
Your heart will guide you towards the “right people” and solutions because it “feels right and good”, your ego will make you believe that you have to manipulate to get what you want.
Your heart will make you look at the big picture, especially when the “going gets tough” and remind you that who you are IS NOT what you do, that you are much more, your ego will tell you are not enough.
Get the gist?

So dear friends, tell me one thing that your deep heart loves…?
About who you are..
About the people around you…
About your life….
About your work/business….
About where you live……
About your purpose in life….
About how to make money doing what you love in the world…. 
Let these questions be like an inquiry that brings you deeper into who you are.
Let yourself journal or talk to a trusted friend about what your heart deeply loves.
There is only one of you and you came here to bring your own unique perspective and to add to this world through that perspective.
Whatever you love, whatever brings you joy, whatever makes your heart sing is your soul speaking to you.

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