Weekly Health Tip – Meditation Matters

I woke up this morning @ 4 a.m. worried about the future.

The voice in my head was not pretty to hear. 

How could that voice be up so early you might wonder?

Well.. as the saying goes,  “there is no rest for the weary” and my inner critic is weary and really likes to remind me of its existence very early in the morning or in the middle of the night!

As always, I find peace and calm by sitting down and doing my meditation.

A lot has been written about the benefits of meditation, if you are new to meditation, here is a great article from the Huffington Post covering the many benefits of meditation.   


Meditation Benefits I Experience

  • I remember who I am, the connection I have with all that is. I “know” that I am connected to a source of love, power, and knowledge that is much wider than my human mind.
  • I calm down because I “know” that this connection goes from the universe to me to others. We are all in it together. It breaks the isolation that the “ego mind” wants to keep me in.
  • I connect to my heart. I forgive myself and others more easily if I have a conflict with someone. I resolve conflicts in a peaceful way.
  • I find deep compassion in my heart for my struggles and other people’s struggles.
  • I find unwavering answers to questions posed by my mind, question that seem challenging become clear. I find unshakable clarity by tapping into my “inner knowing”.
    There are many more benefits that I experience. By simply sitting with ourselves, we create a deeper connection to who we are.


The Structure of my Meditation Practice

I do a “meditation combo” platter. It may sounds strange to say, but quite frankly I was never able to meditate until I attended a week long healing “chod” with Lama Migmar Tseten, the Harvard University Buddhist Chaplain a few years back and this is how I begin my meditation. I offer the opening prayer given by Lama Migmar then continue with mindful awareness/body scan and breath.

After about 30 minutes or less depending on the time I have, I will continue with the repetition of a mantra given by Lama Migmar. There are multiple ones and I get to choose which one I need on that very morning. Some are for healing, others for peace or abundance etc.
I end with a prayer, pull an angel card for the day and “voila” I am done!

If you are new to meditation here are a few resources to get you started.


Getting Started With Meditation Resources

  • You can purchase the audiobook “how to meditate” by Pema Chodron on www.audible.com
  • You can get more information on re-wiring the brain using meditation by the author of the book “Buddha’s Brainwww.rickhanson.net
  • Download a free guided meditation from another neuro-scientist and author of the “Self-Compassion” book and by Kristin Neff www.self-compassion.org
  • You can always visit Deepak Chopra to find out when the next 21 day FREE meditation series will start.
  • You can download FREE somatic guided meditation on the Ocean Dharma website www.DharmaOcean.org

All these meditations will be guided meditations which is a good place to start. There are more resources available online and in books, these are the ones that I have used the most.

If you know of one that has worked for you.. feel free to let me know!


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