What is Your Heart’s Purpose?

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More often than not, when people come to coach with me, they want to build and grow a business doing what they love or what they’ve become good at.

The challenge is that, when we become good at doing something, we can get confused between doing something we are good at instead of doing something we really want to do.

Why does it matter?

A few years back, I used to say that I became an expert in a variety of things, in fact, I excelled at being very good at things that I truly didn’t care much for.

I offered my massage therapy services in my twenties and early thirties to pay for other courses. I was very good at it, yet it wasn’t fueling my passion. Because of that, I didn’t really care how I presented myself. In fact, I was really upfront about what I didn’t do and what I did best. I attracted people who liked deep tissue massage.

Last year I happen to have that conversation with one of my students. I was making “small talk” and asked her the following “if your life came to an end, would it feel “unfinished?” Is there something you wanted to do and never did”?

I was very surprised to see her eyes welled up with tears when she responded “yes, writing a book”. “I know that I am supposed to write”, she proceeded, “yet I am terrified at the idea of writing.

When I saw her emotional reaction I knew that we had touched on a “raw nerve.” I offered to meet with her for a “breakthrough session” to dig deeper into the fear.

Once the session was over, she “knew” that the time had come to begin writing the book and she enrolled in my six month program.

The climb was steep. Between making time between the kids, the house chores and overcoming the inner resistance, we had our work cut out.
One day, when we finally lined up her efforts with her deeper heart’s purpose, the resistance melted away and the book got done in less than 4 months.

When you tap into your heart’s purpose, the energy that gets freed up is tremendous, you literally tap into the energy that creates worlds.
Once you know and can answer questions like the following:
What am I here for” and “what is my life/work contribution to this world supposed to be”, you tap into a well of energy that makes you become unstoppable.

This isn’t to say you will not encounter resistance, you will; yet the energy that you will tap into will be at the core of your heart and soul.

Why does it matter?
Because life is short, working for money only can become meaningless and quite frankly all of us are unique in our incarnation and are meant to share with the world our unique perspective.

We all have gifts and talents, and it matters how we share them.
Not everyone of us is meant to create a business, because let’s face it, the path of entrepreneurship will challenge you to the core, yet at the same time, living and working your purpose is really what it’s about.

Especially in these challenging times. Aligning with your heart and putting your actions forward based on that will create a ripple effect that will make your world and the world at large a better place.

Go for it!
Life is too short..
Ask yourself “What makes my heart sing?
If I was to come to the end of my life; what would be missing if I didn’t accomplish that one thing (___________________________) ?”

Email me if you want help in clarifying what your purpose is.Setup a “Purpose Breakthrough session” with me.

Until we speak again.. let your heart speaks its truth!


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