Why Resist what You Love Most?

I have been asking myself that question for quite some time now… Why would I, and my clients, adopt behaviors that are sabotaging our success efforts?
Let’s say that you made the decision to have your own business. Big Step!
Let’s say that you do it for altruistic reasons meaning you really know that what you have to offer will help people (heart centered entrepreneur).
Let’s say that you also do it for personal reasons; because you have mastered a skill that you feel confident offering to others and that makes your heart sing.
Why in Heaven’s name would you hold back from sharing this gift when you know that it will make a difference in people’s life?

The challenge is that fear gets very sophisticated in masking itself. For example, you decide to write a blog every week and the week comes along and you don’t write it. You have all kinds of good reasons yet you don’t write it.
You tell yourself “you need to learn more” and you take a course on blog writing;

OR you feel like writing is not your strong suit so you get someone to edit your draft but this person is doing it on their own time and it takes you 2-3 weeks to put one blog out.

OR You decide to deliver public speeches, you set one up, it doesn’t go as well as you would like and you don’t set up another one for 6 months. As a result your business suffers.

OR You don’t know much about business building and marketing and decide to enroll in a business program, you spend a lot of time learning and not implementing much.

OR You LOVE ideas… which is why you probably got into business for yourself in the first place. creating at its best!!

You have so many ideas that you never get to implement any of them.. because you keep changing your mind!

Sound familiar?

Take Your Big Leap

Many books have been writing on this topic and many techniques have been developed to alleviate your suffering.. YES one more diversion.. read one more book.

I just read (audiobook) a book recommended by one of my clients entitled “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks while I was weeding all the flower beds around the house this past weekend. Aside from highly recommending it, I want to capture some the basic principles in the book.

Hendricks describes what “upper limiting” is and the consequences between working from our “zone of excellence ” (where you can almost sleep walk in what makes you successful) versus our “zone of genius” (how to make every moment an expression of your genius) and how working from our zone of excellence is an upper limiting behavior.

What upper limiting is in very simple words is adopting behaviors that keep you from expanding your capacity for love, abundance and success. Upper limiting behaviors keep you small and comfortable, they don’t challenge your sense of self much and… they also don’t tap into the creative genius that you possess.

Here are some of the upper limiting behaviors that Hendricks names; worry, blame, criticisms, getting sick or hurt, squabbling, hiding significant feelings, not keeping agreements, not speaking significant truths to the relevant people, deflecting or brushing off compliments, etc.

In the world of business they look and sound like; I didn’t have time (as if time was in control of you as supposed to the other way around), I don’t know how to (well this one can be true and can be overcome if you say “let me figure this out” instead of stopping at the first road block), I don’t have money and it takes money to make money.. (that one is a definite myth buster because people start businesses every day with very few resources.. they become resourceful).. what is yours?

Now the way to circumvent your upper limiting behavior is to do what only you can and delegate the rest. Your genius is what you were born to do and be. Your genius is what comes easily to you. The difference between your genius and your zone of excellence is what distinguishes you from others. I see zone of excellence as a series of learned skills and behaviors, something you do so well.. as Hendricks says that you can do it in your sleep.

I see zone of genius, the part of you that comes out even if no one is asking.. I see it as the part of you that kicks in without efforts. For example, when I worked as the training director for a local bank, having been hired without prior experience in banking nor training I “knew” that I could do the job. There are two things that I do effortlessly..

I am a born strategist, I see “big picture” and can connect the dots. I know how to create a strategy that will get people from A to Z.
I also have a “knack” for reading people.. I “sense” when people talk about what they do and who they are what their “gifts and talents” are and I know how to help them make money doing that.
Strange combination.. I am an empath who has a knack for people and business.

What is your genius?
(Discovering this will bring about a great leap in your life and work.)
How can you bring forth your genius in a way that serves yourself and others at the same time?
When you work from your zone of genius you get to climb to unparalleled heights of productivity and life satisfaction.

Take “The Big Leap and send your resistance off the cliff.

Tell me…what is your zone of genius?

Uncover Your Zone of Genius

Here are two exercises to help you identify your “zone of genius.

Discover the Values that Shape You – An invitation to reflect on the values that have contributed to the most fulfilling moments in your life.

Let the Genie Out of the BoxDiscover what you are most passionate about doing and what comes naturally to you.

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